Sport-specific Smart Watch

Size of screen: 1.4 inches
Activity monitor is a special feature.
in a variety of lovely colours
long-lasting battery
bolster multiple dial switching
Bluetooth version 5.0
Your daily activities, such as steps taken, miles travelled, and calories burned, are all tracked by this smart watch. You might be well known for your level of activity.
The sports modes on these smart watches also include football, cycling, climbing, walking, and running. This keeps your workouts more organised.
These wristwatches have heart-rate, oxygen, and blood pressure monitors. Real-time health monitoring forces you to pay attention to how your body alters throughout the day. To maintain the quality of your sleep, these also keep an eye on your sleeping habits at night.
The calls and messages sent instantly can be quickly answered by this smartwatch. After you connect your smartphone, this will automatically vibrate to let you know when there are incoming calls or messages (SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc).


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