NET WT: 20g

This cream contains North American Witch Hazel Extract which can purify  excess oily skin, can shrink pores and prevent acne growth. The Acne Cream reduces pore size, acne and pimples quickly and easily. It is the best ultimate solution

This cream can help you get rid of acne and make it smooth and supple

It acts as a moisturiser, removes impurities and helps to calm irritated skin, control acne, relieve acne growth, for men and women. Acting as a treatment by eliminating excess sebum and balancing the bio oil

This acne cream is recommended in adolescents and adults. It balances and regulates skin moisture content and oil, helps remove face acne, reduces possible inflammation

It has a soft fragrance

This cream is extremely effective in healing acne from the source and preventing future breakouts. Shown to assist elasticity for firmer and smoother skin while improving the overall appearance, texture, and colour of scars, pimples, and skin tag

The cream's light creamy texture can be easily absorbed to ensure a great treating Effect without leaving a sticky feeling


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