O.TWO.O Liquid Matte Lipstick/ Lip gloss

Wherever you are heading, there is a lipstick for every look.

Get protection with our range of liquid and matte lipsticks.

Matte lip gloss looks beautiful on everyone, but finding a non-drying matte lip gloss can take a bit of a search. Don't worry you have found it here

This matte lip gloss is a long wearing, waterproof, velvet matte lip colour. Liquid lipstick set to create three-dimensional temptation lips, so that you are full of confidence

12 different colours of matte lip gloss, all of which are very popular colours

Just the right amount of gloss in a single swipe, also gives a plumping look to lips

With Vitamin E, beeswax, vegetable oil, and other natural ingredients. Not only keep a long-lasting moisturizing effect but also you will feel the lips smooth

With attractive colours that are so different and unique 

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