Baby toilet seat in a cartoon

How old must a baby be to use the toilet seat?

Success with potty training depends more on developmental, behavioral, and physical milestones than on age. Between the ages of 18 and 24 months, many kids start to show signs that they are ready for potty training.

Others, on the other hand, may not be prepared until they are 3 years old. No need to rush.

How do I pick a child's toilet seat?

Tips for helping your child select the ideal potty chair or seat

Neither too large nor too small is acceptable. Make sure the potty chair or seat's base is solid and not unstable. This may help to avoid mishaps.

Make sure your child can easily get in and out of the chair. How soon can you start potty training a baby? During the newborn stage, elimination communication can begin.

To use the Smeets method, however, you must wait until the child is old enough to sit up unassisted, which is typically not until the child is between three and six months old.

Why don't try out the cartoon bany toilet seat?

Because of its light and durable plastic structure, it is a safe and practical product.

During the exercise period, the cute design and practical application of your baby's toilet training provides convenience.

This potty-training toilet seat is made of non-toxic plastic that is gentle on your child's skin.

When potty training, the sturdy tail of the whale toilet seat acts as a high back to support your child's body.

This style gives your child a sense of security and comfort. Make going to the toilet a pleasurable experience for your child.

Potty training seat with extra security handles for your children to grab if they are afraid of falling.

The removable seat portion makes cleaning a breeze.

The interior can be taken apart and cleaned.

Warm water or disinfectant wipes can be used to clean it.

The toilet trainer is unisex and suitable for children aged 1 to 7, with the exception of some high-tech toilets and square toilets. It only takes a few seconds to install.

Let your baby have a fun toilet training with our cute seat

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