Tea Infuser Glass Water Bottle

Made of very safe, BPA-free, toxic-free borosilicate glass.

People who want to drink tea, juice, milk, and coffee but don't want to worry about erosive materials choose this glass water bottle.

Both the tea strainer and infuser are removable.

This tea bottle doubles as a fruit infuser bottle and tea bottle, with the filter effectively removing tea leaves and fruit dregs to enhance the flavor and purity of your beverage.

Simply take out the filter and use it as a regular bottle for coffee, juice, or any other beverage.

The sealing ring is made of heat-resistant, odorless, and non-toxic silicone rubber.

The screw top is entirely leak-proof since it seals snugly to the cup's aperture.

This travel mug is excellent for use outside and when on the go because it comes with a soft protective carrying sleeve.

Use the reusable tea bottle to enjoy your beverage wherever you are, including at home, at work, in school, at the gym, or on the road.

The bottle should be hand-washed, as recommended.

Dishwasher use is not advised.

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