Lipstick with Diamond Shimmer Glitter

Ingredients: natural plant extracts, wax, and oil

Thanks to its silky texture and sparkling finish, this lipstick has the perfect amount of sparkle. Make your lips sparkle for a stunning, gleaming finish!

Our long-lasting, glitter-filled lipstick glides easily without getting thick, harsh, or scratchy. Wear this practical, eye-catching lip colour all day or all night to stand out and sparkle like a star.

You may simply get an everyday appearance with glitter lips with glitter lipstick. With only a few short swipes, you can obtain metallic sheen without using the time-consuming, multi-step glitter lip kit.

We use ultra-fine particles to make the lipstick shades rich and dramatic, yet they won't let you down; Enjoy the unparalleled richness of our most sumptuous colours and hydration; Choose your favourite colours that are moisturising while nourishing lips.

The recipe's visible shimmer prevents your lips from feeling heavy, scratchy, or gritty, and the pigments guarantee adequate coverage. large percentage of enticing colours. The transparent and bright design is advantageous for people of all skin tones.

It has nourishing nutrients added to it for comfort, a brilliant shine, and long-lasting, smooth wear.


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