Acne Blue Light Laser Therapy

This device combines thermal therapy with a special light to remove acne, and acne marks, and prevent acne recurrence, as well as for skin repair and care.

Using specific 415 nanometers in visible light, the portable thermal spectrum instrument activates skin cell protein, removes facial acne marks, and redness, reduces acne, improves skin tone, and makes skin healthy and beautiful.

It activates cell energy, produces new proteins and regenerates cells, reduces swelling and inflammation, eliminates acne, and improves acne marks through multi-care. It promotes facial blood circulation, tightens skin and pores, stimulates collagen regeneration, and repairs all at the same time.

It is a safe and effective anti-varicose veins formula that can be used anywhere on the body.

In just a few weeks, it significantly reduces the visibility of acne, scars, and veins.

You can change the color of the treatment lights by pressing the button. Three times per day, for 2.5 minutes.

It is appropriate for all skin types.

1 AAA battery is required for power (Not included)


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