Innovative Face Lifting Technology

Brand NameHSKOU

Power Source: USB Charger

Material: Acrylic

Lifting, anti-wrinkle, and anti-acne functions

High-quality: This electric v-shaped massager effectively lifts and tightens the skin, reduces puffiness, and thins the face thanks to its 3500 high frequency vibrations per minute.

Red light therapy: This sophisticated face-lifting device increases the activity of skin cells, encourages collagen secretion and metabolism, speeds up blood circulation, improves skin suppleness, and repairs and protects skin from oxidation.

Increase skin suppleness, prevent dry skin, and postpone skin ageing using orange light therapy.

Rough skin, wrinkles, blackheads, and acne brought on by exhaustion and mental stress are treated with green light therapy.
Toxins from the skin can be removed, melanin can be slowed down, capillaries can be expanded, and enzymes can be activated by the electric face machine's purple light therapy.

Hot compresses with a consistent temperature and 12 different vibration massage speeds.

For those with relatively sensitive cuticles, the 1-3 speed plasticity mode is recommended.

For those with moderate masseter muscle fat and a double chin, the 4-5 speed firming setting is appropriate.

Use individuals for more than six months in the six to twelve speed lift mode to consolidate.

Package Includes

Main Machine: 1

One strap

one manual

a USB cable, one


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