VC Snail Serum

Good skin care is important for the following reasons:

It helps your skin stay in good condition. You are shredding your skin throughout the day, so it is important to keep your skin glowing and in good condition. An effective skin routine can prevent acne, treat wrinkles and help keep your skin looking at it's best.

When it comes to skincare, trying new products, finding the ones that work, and creating a sloid routine can be time consuming. Once you finally find the right routine for you, it is often easier to stick to it. While consistency is the key it is always great to try a new product here and to make sure your routine doesn't become stagnant.

Products are also there to cure allergies, pimples, and other problems related to skin. It is advisable to consult a skin specialist before using any such products. It is important that you purchase these products from a trusted distributor or website.

Serums are thin-viscosity topical products that contain concentrated amounts of active ingredients. The concept of serum is that larger amounts of active molecules will potentially penetrates the skin's surface for optimum effectiveness. Also due to higher concentration, it takes a shorter amount of time to see visible results.

Because a serum is lighter and delivers active ingredients to the skin quickly, it goes on first, after you’ve cleansed your skin.
But you also need to seal the serum to maximize the benefits, which is why a moisturizer or face cream is the next step.

Think of serum as the secret weapon for treating skin issues like discoloration, dullness, fine lines, or acne and moisturizer as the key to hydrating skin.

Serum improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


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