NET WT: 20g

This cream contains North American Witch Hazel Extract, which can reduce pore size, clear up excessively oily skin, and stop the development of acne. The acne cream swiftly and effectively reduces pore size, acne, and pimples. It is the ideal long-term remedy.

This lotion can make your skin soft and smooth while helping you get rid of acne.

It moisturises skin, eliminates impurities, soothes irritated skin, controls acne, and slows the spread of acne in both men and women. acting as a remedy by removing surplus sebum and restoring the bio oil's balance

Both teens and adults are advised to use this acne cream. It helps to clear up facial acne, controls the oil and moisture content of the skin, and lowers the possibility of irritation.

It smells delicate.

This lotion works wonders in treating acne at its root and preventing new outbreaks. Improves the appearance, texture, and colour of scars, pimples, and skin tags generally and has been shown to help elasticity for tighter, smoother skin.

Because of the cream's light, creamy nature, it may be absorbed quickly and effectively without leaving a sticky residue.




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